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House Positions

The houses are either detached, semi-detached or in terraces. The characteristic form is for the houses to be arranged parallel to the street frontage, with short front gardens and longer back gardens, frequently with tenfoot access to the rear. The space between houses is a crucial element in the character of the area in relation to overall density and immediate visual impact. The integrity of these spaces should be respected.

There are, however, some groups of terraces which are at right-angles to the road, such as The Grove, off Laburnum Avenue, and 25-47 Lilac Avenue, and which have footpath access to the front - an adaptation of a characteristic Hull form.

Although some terraces and semi-detached pairs are set at 45 degrees to a street corner, this is the exception. In most cases there is no attempt to relate to the streets which form the junctions - it is only the size of the gardens and the present of hedges, trees and other planting that softens what would otherwise be an unsatisfactory relationship between house and street on such corners, with what would be very visible side and rear elevations and gardens.

Many houses have original rear extensions. Their design echoes that of the main building, and is characterised by steeply pitched roofs and small plain tiles. While rear extensions are not normally visible from the main streets, their design forms a positive contribution to the character of the conservation area.


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