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Whilst the Garden Cities were given that name because they were intended to be in a garden, i.e. related to the agricultural and horticultural production of the surrounding area, Reckitt's Garden Village was so named because each house had a garden (in contrast to the usual workers' housing of that period).
The impact of gardens on the character of the area is an important one, particularly as the area has matured. It was an original requirement of the estate that every house should have a privet hedge between 2ft 6ins and 4ft in height. Whilst these requirements are probably no longer enforceable, they are still largely adhered to, and thus have a real effect on the character of the area.

The presence of hedges as a boundary treatment softens the lines of the streets and house walls and, combined with the canopies of the street trees, the set-back of the front walls of the houses behind the hedge and the clay tiled steep-sloping roofs, provides the characteristic views of Garden Village. Hedges are therefore a very important feature in the Conservation Area.

The presence of rear gardens was one of the principles upon which the construction of Garden Village was based. Whilst not prominent when viewed from the street, the presence of rear gardens helps to create the spaciousness which is a vital part of the character of Garden Village. Timber gates and solid gateposts are also characteristic of the area, clearly designed to be in harmony with the architectural style of the houses themselves. Similarly with outhouses. Where these exist, they are single-storey and designed to be in the same style as the house to which they relates.


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