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In July 2008 the Garden Village celebrates it’s centenary. This website was built for The Garden Village Society by the students of Malet Lambert Language College as part of the celebrations of the 100th anniversary of the Garden Village. The Garden Village Society felt it was important that all age groups should be involved in the celebrations and that there should be a continuous resource available for future generations to use as an interactive record of this very important event in the city’s heritage...

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Here, you will have an opportunity to read the fascinating history of the village, tell us your stories about the village, send us photographs of happenings over the years and contact old friends in our forum. You can also keep up to date with the events planned over the coming months by visiting the diary. Enjoy your visit!!!

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Photo Gallery

Check out the photo gallery which is finally up here

Posted on Tuesday, 06-Jan-2009


If you have any photographs of the Garden Village area you could contribute to the site, please e-mail us at

Posted on Sunday, 04-Jan-2009

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